Baltimore Magazine Top Docs 2017

51 UM Upper Chesapeake Health Physicians Named 2017 Top Docs by Baltimore Magazine

Fifty-one doctors (9 of whom were named in multiple categories) who practice at UM Upper Chesapeake Health were recognized as "Top Doctors" in the November 2017 issue of Baltimore magazine.

The results are based on a Baltimore magazine survey of nearly 12,000 physicians in the Baltimore area, including Baltimore City and the surrounding seven counties, asking where they would send a member of their family in dozens of specialties. Many doctors would choose to send their loved ones to us.

Our “top doctors” are listed below by specialty. Click on their names to learn more about them or to make an appointment.

UM Upper Chesapeake Health


Manav Singla, MD

Cardiology: Interventional
Michael Drossner, MD
Amir H. Najafi, MD
Ali Tabrizchi, DO
Matthew Voss, MD

Cardiology: Non-Interventional
Vivek Dhruva, DO
Amir H. Najafi, MD
Ali Tabrizchi, DO

Emergency Medicine
Michael Giordano, MD

Julie L. Ducharme, MD

Venkata Parsa, MD
Ashkan Bahrani, MD

Manisha Bahl, MD
Kapil Sharma, MD

Infectious Disease
Michelle Bahrain, DO
Faheem Younus, MD

Intensivists/Critical Care
Jason Birnbaum, MD
Hasan Shakoor, MD
Jeffrey Thompson, MD

Veena K. Acharya, MD
Elias Ghandour, MD
Aastha Sethi, MD 

Dong C. Park, MD
Syed Shaukat, MD

Neurology: Movement Disorder
Dong C. Park, MD

Nuclear Medicine
Ethan Spiegler, MD
Frederick Yeganeh, MD

Oral Maxillofacial
Alexander Pazoki, DDS, MD

Katherine V. Day, MD 

Psychiatry: General
Julie Stancliff, DO
Richard Lewis, MD

Hasan Shakoor, MD
Jason Birnbaum, MD

Loralie D. Ma, MD
Edward Steiner, MD

Radiology: Interventional
Troy Brijbasi, MD
Margaret Alma Lynch Nyhan, MD

Rheumatology/Clinical Immunology
Peter Holt, MD

Thoracic Surgery
Whitney Burrows, MD
Joseph Friedberg, MD
Gavin Henry, MD
Shelby Stewart, MD

Surgery for Chronic Venous Disease/Varicose Veins
Peter Mackrell, MD

William T. Dowling, MD
Sankar Kausik, MD 


Orthopedics: General
Douglas Wright, MD
Raj Yalamanchili, MD

Otolaryngology: Head and Neck Malignancies
Katherine V. Day, MD
Michael Porter Rodrigues, MD

Vascular Surgery
Mark Gonze, MD
Peter Mackrell, MD
Kristian Ulloa, MD


General Obstetrics/High-Risk Obstetrics
Judith Rossiter, MD

Gynecologic Oncology
Fouad Abbas, MD
Gautam Rao, MD

Gynecologic Surgery
Fouad Abbas, MD

Maternal Fetal Medicine
Judith Rossiter, MD


Pediatric Cardiology
Peter Gaskin, MD
Geoffrey Rosenthal, MD

Pediatric Orthopaedics
Joshua Abzug, MD


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