Pediatric Hospitalists

UM UCMC Pediatric Emergency Room

On our Bel Air campus, we proudly staff a highly qualified and specially trained group of pediatric hospitalists 24 hours a day/7 days a week. A pediatric hospitalist is a board-certified physician specializing in the care of children. Pediatric hospitalists offer many advantages for children admitted to the hospital including the amount of experience they have caring for kids on a daily basis and the familiarity with the workings of the staff and the hospital. The 24/7 coverage allows them to meet more conveniently with you and other family members, follow-up on tests, answer nurses' questions, and deal with any issue that may arise. They also communicate with your child’s pediatrician to consult on the his/her progress.

Pediatric Hospitalists on Staff:

Marie Kanagie-McAleese, MD
Ting Li, MD
Ugonma Okparaocha, MD
Brenda Prindle, MD