Joint Center Program

Outpatient Rehabilitation's role in The Joint Center is multi-faceted. They are involved in pre-operative functional testing and education as well as oupatient therapy in multiple settings with specialized equipment and trained therapists. 

The specialized inpatient team promotes team spirit and support among the participants. Each patient has a care partner, a friend or loved one, who serves as a support person. This partnership encourages quicker healing, builds confidence and reduces the anxiety associated with rehabilitation. Care partners are trained in the recovery process and attend the group sessions to act as coaches. Your care partner will help keep you on track and focused toward leaving the hospital and returning to a more active life. If you cannot identify a care partner, a volunteer care partner is provided.

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Post Hip and Knee Surgery Handbooks

At the UM Upper Chesapeake Health, we believe the more you know about your health the better. The patient education resources below provide more information about outpatient rehabilitation for total hip and knee surgeries.

Hip and Knee Books