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What is Robotic Assisted Surgery?

Robotic assisted surgery is becoming more prevalent in healthcare today and MAKOplasty® is a knee and hip joint replacement procedure for the treatment of degenerative joint disease.  

MAKOplasty® is a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which the surgeon utilizes a RIO® robotic arm system to achieve a higher level of precision when resurfacing the diseased portion of the patient’s bone. CT scans of the joint taken prior to surgery are used to develop 3-D virtual animation which guides the surgeon during the procedure. This technique preserves more of healthy bone and surrounding tissue than more traditional knee and hip replacement surgery options.

The robotic assistance in MAKOplasty® allows for a more optimal positioning and alignment of the joint implant, creating a better fit and a more natural motion of the joint following surgery. In addition, MAKOplasty® allows for more rapid healing and recovery, quicker pain relief and faster return to daily activities and an active lifestyle.

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