Radiation Therapy

Nearly two-thirds of cancer patients will receive radiation therapy, either alone or combined with chemotherapy or surgery, at some time during their cancer treatment. Traditional radiation therapy is delivered in small daily doses over the course of weeks. Newer stereotactic treatment delivery methods can take much less time, as concentrated high-dose radiation is delivered directly to the tumor with extreme precision.

At the Kaufman Cancer Center, radiation therapy is directed by a highly trained team of experts from the University of Maryland Department of Radiation Oncology who have actually helped develop the technology. This allows our team to handle even the most advanced or complex cases. We have some of the best technology available anywhere, and the expertise to use it.

Linear Accelerators

The TrueBeam System is a linear accelerator that delivers radiation with sub-millimeter accuracy, in some cases up to 50 percent faster than earlier systems. Experts from the University Of Maryland Department Of Radiation Oncology were instrumental in testing this new technology.

The Trilogy™ System is another advanced and versatile linear accelerator.  It combines the capabilities of other technologies all in one machine.

Both types of linear accelerators allow our experts to deliver higher doses of radiation to tumors in shorter time, while minimizing the damage to surrounding normal tissues and organs. This shortens the length of time patients need to spend undergoing treatment. In addition, the radiation beam is highly precise, allowing physicians to deliver treatments with unprecedented accuracy.

RapidArc rotates 360 degrees around the patient, enabling very small beams with varying intensity to be aimed at the tumor from multiple angles. Unlike other forms of radiation therapy, with RapidArc the radiation treatment being delivered to the patient can be modulated continuously throughout treatment resulting in less radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue.

Brachytherapy for Breast and Prostate Cancer

Brachytherapy works by targeting the cancerous tumor from inside the body. In this treatment, the source of radiation is placed directly inside or next to the tumor reducing the risk of damage to healthy tissue and organs. The Kaufman Cancer Center has installed Flexitron technology, which helps our experts improve safety and efficiency in the delivery of brachytherapy treatment. Our radiation oncologists are fellowship-trained in brachytherapy and our center has a treatment suite dedicated to brachytherapy treatments.