UM HMH Reuse Plan

Check back here for updates regarding the re-use of UM HMH. We will update this page whenever we have more information available regarding the re-use plan.

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October 10, 2016

Future Planning for UM Harford Memorial Hospital

Working collaboratively with the City of Havre de Grace, UM UCH is committed to a thorough, transparent process for identifying productive new uses for the UM Harford Memorial Hospital (UM HMH) site. We have completed a lengthy and thoughtful review to select a third party brokerage firm to help us achieve the following goals for the re-use of UM HMH, including:

  • Synchronize transition timing for when UM HMH operations transition to the new campus in the year 2020 or later
  • Provide a transformative opportunity for this property and the City of Havre de Grace 
  • Achieve process and project transparency and communicate fully with the community
  • Retire debt and raise capital to support the development of the new medical campus

As a part of the process, we have secured the services of Cushman & Wakefield, among the largest commercial real estate services firms in the industry, with a wide array of experience in successfully transforming communities. The Cushman & Wakefield brokerage team includes David Baird, a Senior Managing Director and 33-year veteran of Baltimore commercial real estate, as well as Harford County native Matthew Myers.

UM HMH has been providing quality health care to our community for over a century. We see a great opportunity for UM HMH to continue that legacy in a more modern setting while providing the opportunity for the productive re-use of this property that many of us who work there call home. Our selection of Cushman & Wakefield comes after a thoughtful and deliberate process balancing deep experience in multiple real estate disciplines including successful community engagement and home grown roots in our region.

This fall, UM UCH and Cushman & Wakefield will launch Phase I of the four-year process to secure UM HMH’s ultimate re-use strategy. Community feedback meetings, combined with analysis of potential uses for the property, will encompass the first phase.  

It is important for our community members to understand that UM HMH will continue its normal operations for the foreseeable future. Plans for the new campus on the Bulle Rock property are at least four years away.  Regulatory processes are expected to continue for another year followed by a building process of two years. At the same time, we will be expanding clinical services at both of our campuses in order to ultimately move operations from UM HMH to the new facility in Bulle Rock. Substantial improvements to the Emergency Department and some infrastructure improvements at UM HMH have been completed this summer. Our Behavioral Health Unit also continues to expand to meet immediate community needs while aligning with our Vision 2020 plans. 

Hospital services are evolving today to treat people not just in emergencies, but to engage them in prevention and wellness before a disease or condition becomes an emergency or an acute care need. This is a different approach for the hospital industry, but one that is critically important to improving our community’s overall quality of health and achieving our vision of creating the healthiest community in Maryland. This is what drives us today and into the future.  

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In Good Health,

Lyle E. Sheldon, FACHE