In the Best Hands

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Bonnie Watts-Cook and her longtime neighbor and friend, Mary Hatfield, are “thick as thieves”—whether they’re supporting each other through a crisis or spending their mad money at the local casino.

When Bonnie found a lump on her breast last year, she consulted with Meghan Milburn, MD, a fellowship-trained breast surgeon at Upper Chesapeake Health’s Breast Center. Mary was by Bonnie’s side to hear Dr. Milburn’s advice—to act quickly—and she was the extra pair of ears to help her understand all of the information that was shared.

“Dr. Milburn was so amazing,” Bonnie says. “She didn’t minimize anything and she didn’t scare me either. I felt like I was in the best hands.”

Bonnie went through the Breast Center’s multidisciplinary care clinic for breast cancer. “It was very impressive, but also overwhelming for me. I was so grateful to have several friends, like Mary, take shifts and get me through the very long days.”