Guard Your Girls

Guard Your Girls

Breasts that is.


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Over the years they have been given a lot of silly names, but whatever you call them, our breasts are a pretty big deal. They mark our growth into womanhood, they feed our babies and they are valued in all shapes and sizes. They are also at risk for cancer depending on our age, family history, genes, our environment and lifestyle choices. That’s why we’re offering you our FREE Breast Care Guideā€¦information from the experts in breast care to help you assess whether you are at risk for developing breast cancer.

The award-winning Breast Center at UM Upper Chesapeake Medical Center is here to help you ‘guard your girls’ by offering comprehensive services from simple screening mammograms to important consultations through our high risk breast cancer clinic.

Together our physicians, surgeons and specialists provide all the tools, guidance and information you need to determine your risk and maintain a screening process just for you.

Mammograms remain the best screening tool when it comes to detecting breast cancer early, in its most treatable stage. From digital, diagnostic and 3D mammograms to breast ultrasounds and MRIs, our Breast Center has everything needed to screen, diagnose and treat breast cancer.

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